On this blog, I go by my pen name of Sokorra for the most part, although you may hear me or others who know me from other places call me Jess.  That’s my real name.

I’m a thirty-something graphic designer (I finally got my degree!) who can’t drive so she’s not actively designing as much as being a cashier.  But I’m working on that.

I also write.  Most of my completed works are Fanfiction, and thus not publishable other then online and in fanfic mags.  I am working on an original novel called “Lady of Shadows” which takes mythologies from around the world and twists them up into a new science fiction story.  Hopefully its better then the summery.

I also write short essays on historical stuff.  I only have a minor in history, so I am not an expert in any sense on these topics.  However I find them interesting, and I hope you do too.


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