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Review: The Orville 2×06

 Episode Title: A Happy Refrain
Original Airdate: January 31, 2019 (watched Later via Hulu)
Grade: B-
Notable Guest Stars/Directors:

Actually, this episode is remarkably stuck with its main characters and reoccuring ones.   I suppose, after looking at the Trivia section on IMDB a special mention should be made for Mark Graham who is the music director for the show and has a brief acting credit as the conductor at the symphony.

Notable Quotes:

Lt. Gordon Malloy: We are, without a doubt, the weirdest ship in the fleet.


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Review: The Orville 2.05

Episode Title: All The World is Birthday Cake (2.05)
Original Airdate:  January 24, 2019 (watched later via Hulu)
Grade: B
Notable Guest Stars/Directors:

Robert Duncan McNeill (Director)– Star Trek Alum.  He’s been a director for years on many good programs, but on screen you may remember him as Tom Paris, the navigator/pilot of Voyager.  He always seems to do a good job, on screen and as a director.
Ted Danson (Admiral Perry) – This show loves to have random well-known actors show up as Admirals.  Ted Danson is known for a lot of things.  Most recently perhaps CSI, but also Becker, and the film Three Man and a Baby.
Jennifer Landon (Ukania) – I know her best from As the World Turns as  Gwen Munson , but she is also known for roles on House and various other television shows.  She also happens to be the daughter of Michael Landon, so acting runs in the family.
John Rubinstein  (Prefect) – He’s appeared as minor characters on various television shows I watch,  but I know him probably best from Star Trek: Enterprise where he played Minister Kuvak.   He also played on House and Becker so he probably worked with several of the other notable co-stars in this episode.
Nico Nicotera (Rokal) – I didn’t recognize him, but apparently he played a recurring character on Sons of Anarchy (one of my sister’s favorite shows).  
Jessica Szohr  (Lt. Talla Kaylai) – She’s a new main character for the series, coming in as Alara’s replacement.  She’s also known for her role as Vanessa Abrams on Gossip Girl.  I enjoy her work so far.

Notable Quotes:

Lt. Cmdr. Bortus: It is much easier with an egg.

Capt. Ed Mercer: You had big shoes to fill, and I’m not kiddin’. And as far as I’m concerned, you filled them and then some. So, from here on out, you’re officially allowed to punch me.


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Review: The Orville 2×04

 Episode Title: Nothing on Earth Excepting Fishes
Original Airdate: January 17, 2019 (Watched via Hulu 2/27)
Grade: A

Notable Guest Stars/Directors:

Yul Brynner (King of Siam) – okay, so its not really him so much as its a clip from Rodgers & Hammerstein’s The King and I, but I love that movie so I’m going to point out that Yul Brynner is here.
Patrick Warburton (Lt. Tharl ) – recurring character.  I’m not entirely sure, but I think this might be Tharl’s last episode for awhile.
Michaela McManus (Lt. Janel Tyler) – According to IMDB she’s known for being in Aquarius, but I know her from One Tree Hill as Lindsey Strauss, Lucas’ fiance in season 4.  She’s also been on the Orville before – both in the season opener for this season and a episode in season one.
Chris Johnson (Cassius) – recurring character.  

Notable Quotes:

Well, this scene from The King And I


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Review: The Orville 2.03

Episode Title: Home 
Original Airdate: January 10, 2019 (watched later via HULU)
Grade: A

Notable Guest Stars/Directors:
Robert Picardo (Ildis Kitan) – Best known as the Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager, he’s also been on Stargate, my favorite TV show franchise.
John Billingsley (Cambis Borrin) – Another Star Trek alum, Billingsley played Dr. Phlox on Enterprise.  He’s also been on quite a few TV series as a one-off character.
Molly Hagen (Drenala Kitan) – She appeared recurrently as Mike’s mother on Jane The Virgin.  SHe also appeared on Star Trek DS9
Kerry O’Malley (Floratta)  – She appeared on Hart of Dixie which is one of my sister’s favorite shows.  I had to search for both her and Molly Hagen because while I recognized them from somewhere, it wasn’t till I went through IMDB that I figured out where and why.
Patrick Warburton as Lt Tharl (recurring character)
Jason Alexander (Olix) – He’s known for his role in the 90s comedy series Seinfeld
Candice King (.Solana Kitan) – known for her role on Vampire Diaries as Caroline Forbes

Notable Quotes:
Apparently none stood out to be this episode in particular (I’m writing this off of notes I took while watching, and no quotes were listed).


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The Orville: Primal Urges

Episode Title: Primal Urges (2×02)
Original Airdate: January 3 (watched via Hulu at a later date)
Grade: B-

Notable Guest Stars/Directors:
Kelly Hu (Admiral Osawa) – I recognized her as China White, a recurring villain on CW’s Arrow
Gavin Lee (Henry Park) – He is a recurring character that for some reason I thought was dead.

Notable Quotes:
“You have had enough injections” – Klyden
“I see.  It is pertinent that you are in therapy.”
– Issac


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Bookit Review: Perfectly Clueless

Title: Perfectly Clueless (Book 3 in the Bayfield High Series)
Author: Madeleine Labitan
Publication: September 19, 2018  (115 pages)
Edition:  Kindle (via Kindle Unlimited)
Genre:  Teen Romance
Rating:  C-ish
Bookit 2009 #6

This is the final released novel in the Bayfield series.  I’m not sure if this is the final novel, or if Ms. Labitan plans on writing more.  Like its two predecessors Truth or Dare and Kiss and Make Up,  this is more of a novella then a novel at only 115 pages.  Its the longest of the three, but oddly enough not the best one.  I believe the first novel felt the most complete, even if it was short and could have used some development.

I think my main problem with this one is that there was no build up in the novel.  We are supposed to believe that Dylan and Bianca have been in love for awhile but Dylan has been in denial but its not really there in moments.   Side characters are finding it so obvious but it doesn’t seem as obvious as we are supposed to believe.  Perhaps if it was drawn out into a full novel we could have gotten more moments where we could see that Dylan is feeling it too outside him being a jerk to Bianca’s dates.    This story might also have worked better if the characters were a little older.

I also have an issue with romances that decide to make the character who is the competitor in the one character’s affections somehow a horrible person in order to make it okay that the main characters did whatever they did.  I find that unnecessary.

My final grade is C-ish due to it feeling its unfinished and also because of the troublesome bits.  This author shows promise, and I look forward to what she writes in the future, but I’m hoping that with experience in writing will come some more depth to the novels they write.