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Harriet Tubman, Andrew Jackson and The Twenty (4/21/16)

Voting and the Electorial College  (2/18/16)

Women of History

This Day In History

Gettysburg (2016)

This Day in History (7/2/16)

Canada Day (2016)

Memorial Day (2016)

Mother’s Day (2016)

And Now for Something Completely Different (2016)

This Day In History (2/4/16)

In Memoriam: The Columbia STS-107 (2/3/16)

Challenger & Apollo 1 (1/28/16)

This Day In History (Birthday Edition -1/9/16)

The Constitution /American History

The Declaration of Independence

The Articles of the Confederation and Perpetual Union

The Constitution:

The Confederate States of America Constitution:

Presidents Series

George Washington

John Adams (One)  (Two)